Backyard Event Lighting and Decor

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings

Summer is here and it’s that time of the year to open up the backyard and soak up some sun.  When the sun sets we’re left with some pretty amazing opportunities to make our backyards look like they could be on the cover of Better Homes or Southern Living Magazines.

Lately I have been inspired by mason jars. My boyfriend has been buying this amazing marinara sauce from our local market that comes in mason jars, so we are well stocked. This gives me a lot of leeway to get the inspirational juices flowing.

I love the idea of having a hodgepodge of different types of mason jars hung at different lengths all around the backyard. Martha Stewart hangs them from the backyard table umbrella. If you have a small backyard, this is a perfect way to add some character and intimate lighting for your party.

Image from Martha Stewart: Outdoor Living

 If you have a tree or several trees, I think the following idea works best. A chain or some sort of twine/string attached to the jar at different lengths can create a beautiful lighting effect in the backyard. When the sun has completely set it simulates a very southern style backyard feel—much like having fireflies to light everything up.

Image from The Berry

Image from Martha Stewart

Here the owner of the Etsy Shop: “Treasure Again” uses a vast array of different jars and hangs them with chains, hooks and wire.

Image from Etsy Shop: Treasure Again

To create the true orangey, fire-like lit backyard, I like to use tea-light candles or votive candles. Votives can vary in shape and size but are just a tiny bit larger than tea-lights and last much longer throughout the night.

If you are a worrywart – much like my boyfriend—you can also use battery operated flickering tea-lights.  Here you get the natural glow and flicker of the candle without the worry of burning your backyard to a crisp.

If you have an electrical outlet near, the Etsy Shop owner “LITdecor” sells an electric cord that is attached to the top of the mason jar.  Simply add in a light bulb, plug it in, and you have beautifully lit mason jars lamps around the yard.

Image from Etsy Shop: LIT Decor

Etsy Shop Treasure Again has a genius creation of solar-lit lids for mason jars. I personally love the orange glow from the mason jars—and the solar lights give off a dim white light — however this is definitely a no-hassle, energy saving idea.

Image from Etsy Shop: Treasure Again

If you are going to the go with the electric lighting, my favorite is Etsy Shop Sweet Tea Clothing Co.’s string of mason jars with a string of large round electric plug-in bulbs. Simply hang on a fence or wall, plug-in and you have a gorgeous set of lit mason jars for the backyard. Instant charm.

Image from Etsy Shop: Sweet Tea Clothing Co.

If you like this idea, you might also like a Do It Yourself (DIY) version.

Image from Etsy Shop: Treasure Again

What you’ll need: a long string, mason jars with wire wrapped around to hang, and a string of normal white lights. Simply hang the string from both ends somewhere in your backyard, hang the mason jars on the string and wrap the lights around the string. Don’t forget to stuff some of the lights carefully in the mason jars. Voila!  What a super easy, quick way to brighten up the backyard. You can also buy this set from Etsy Shop: Treasure Again.

There are also several ways to decorate the outsides of the mason jars to bring a different feel to the backyard.

Image from Etsy Shop: LIT Decor

Etsy Shop: LITDecor sells mason jars that are decorated to have a Moroccan look.  This shop has different colors from purple and green to yellow and orange – these jars are absolutely stunning.

Etsy Shop: Airth and Olsen Weddings creates mason jars with white lace. This gives a very classy look to the mason jars.

Image from Etsy Shop: Airth and Olson Weddings

If neither of these styles are your forte or you’re looking for a DIY, you can also tint or paint mason jars.  If you are going for a painted look, you won’t be able to light them around your backyard. However, you can add flowers to them and hang them amongst the lit mason jars or place on a table.

Image from Etsy Shop: Inside/Outside Painted

Image from Etsy Shop: Treasure Again

Image from Natty Nook

Many wedding and party planners are using mason jars for decorating. In addition, I have also seen chandeliers hanging over tables and from trees. I absolutely love this look.  Whether you are using an expensive chandelier or a very cheap Ikea version, this look adds a southern classic charm to your event.

If you don’t have a way to light the chandelier, there are plenty of candle lit chandeliers that are eye-catching and give your backyard and your event that dramatic look we all desire.

Image from The Parks

Image from Knock Off Decor

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