Up-cycling Wooden Mirrors

Wanting to maintain the Tiffany’s teal theme and feeling super creative I decided to paint some wooden mirrors. Once again, the space above the dresser is super boring and has a plain, white wall. 

There’s that Tiffany’s box! This is obviously the girliest part of the room.

Here is the look after once everything was finished:

Quite a difference, right?!

I wanted to have four mirrors that were similar and yet different. I created two black mirrors and two teal mirrors with black stripes. Then I added in transparent pieces inside of the teal mirrors that were also used in the photo collage above the bed to maintain consistency. 

I started by using packaging tape and placing it over the mirror itself to keep from getting paint on it. Then I used a sealer to help the paint adhere to the wood.

I decided that I wanted to create black and teal stripes. So in order to create straight lines, I used packaging tape. If you have painters tape– believe me — that is much easier. So use it!! My packaging tape was clear, which made it super difficult, but it still worked all the same.

Here is first finished mirror:

As you can see I created slightly smaller black lines than teal lines to emphasize the teal. I also added the white transparent lace over the mirror (this is the same lace used in the collage above the bed).

For the second teal mirror I created the exact replica of the first mirror. Once that dried, I added additional lines in the opposite direction. 

This mirror actually had a mistake on it and yet turned out to be my favorite. I suppose what artists say is true. If you make a mistake, it can always be fixed. Actually I’m not sure if artists say this, my mom is an artist and would always say this to me. She always said it would make it better, and in this case, she was right. 

The first teal mirror has a very slick, crisp, almost perfect look to it. Since the second teal mirror had a mistake, the line was crooked (damn that clear tape), I decided to mess with it even more. Thinking this would create an intentional messy, non-perfect look. My plan was to smudge the paint and use a sponge to antique it a bit. If it didn’t work, I could always paint it over. 

Once I was happy with the smudging and antiquing, I used a satin varnish over the top. Satin, apparently, is the middle ground between glossy and matte. I didn’t want it to be flat or super glossy, so satin worked out perfectly. It just gives it a polished finished look while also protecting the paint.

This was super easy and so fun to do. It did take a few days since between each coat it takes about an hour or so to dry. Plus adding the tape, smudging and antiquing racks up in time as well. So don’t go into this lightly if you aren’t patient or just don’t care for this type of thing. If you are anything like my boyfriend– hates doing anything crafty– but want to make your girlfriend happy with some color on the walls, I am selling these in my Etsy Shop. Completely customized with your own colors and your selection of varnish: matte, satin or glossy. However, if you are like me, this will be your meditation. Either way, the end result is incredibly attractive, unique and brings the whole room together. 
By icanhazcrafts

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