The Making of: The Spring Flower Wreath

I started with a large basic wreath with wooden twigs. I had originally wanted an all purple very basic wreath with twigs and bushels of small purple flowers. However, after walking into Joann Fabric and Crafts store, I got a little carried away to say the least. I envisioned the blossoming of spring with small white and purple flowers and long flowy and almost whimsical, wispy dark purple sprigs with green leaves on the ends. 

I started by taking the flowers that are now on the ends and breaking off the tops. I secured them in the center in a spiral fashion. Then a pulled apart the larger purple flowers and secured them so that they were spiraling out from the center. 


Once I had the purple flowers in place, I began fastening the white flowers. I started by placing them around the wreath before fastening. This way I didn’t have to create extra work for myself by refastening pieces that just didn’t look right. Once I was happy with how everything looked, I began securing them to the wreath.


I took the long purple sprigs and haphazardly place them around the edge of the wreath. Once I liked how they were placed, I began securing them in place.


And Voila! The finished product!


I finished this once I was ready to part with my winter wreaths. Now that spring has been around for some time, I thought it was a necessity to bring in some color into the house. I think it does just that! It’s bright and cheery and makes me smile every time I walk by.


If you are interested in purchasing this wreath, please take a look at my Etsy Shop. I make all of my own crafts for home decor. This wreath in particular is made to order and therefore can be customized to your liking. 

By icanhazcrafts

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