Revamping the Boring Bedroom

My boyfriend doesn’t exactly care much for decorating. Well, what guy does really? Actually, I’m pretty thankful that he doesn’t care– It gives me free rein!! Muahaha! To tell the truth, if he had his way, the entire house would be filled with movie posters, comic book characters and toys. And although I appreciate these things as well–I have a love for decorating– and toys and comic books don’t exactly rank high on my chain of tasteful interior design. 

Being very tired of the boring — very, bachelor themed bedroom — I decided to spruce it up with some decorations. Something that would bring in both of our personalities, while trying to stay away from it being too feminine or too boyish. In my opinion paint instantly gives life to a room, unfortunately, as a renter who may be leaving for bigger and better in the future- I decided to add personality in other ways.

Being inspired by many free Ikea catalogues that seem to be frequenting my mailbox, I decided to go with a clutter frame collage. Something much like this:

Photo taken from Ikea

I decided to take as many old frames as possible and up-cycle them by putting in unique, quirky items that brought some originality to the room. I came across an amazing print of an octopus printed onto an old page from a dictionary on Etsy.  

I came across a photo of yellow wallpaper and a matching swatch of the same wallpaper in a frame on a plain white wall. This got me thinking — if I can’t paint my wall or add wallpaper to bring in color and personality — why not take fabrics and swatches of prints and put them in frames to the give the wall some life.

Picture from Mail Online

So I made a trip to Michael’s scrap-booking section. Pages and pages of colorful (and cheap) sheets of paper to insert into my up-cycled frames. There are a ton of transparent pages that you can place over colored paper or textured paper. This helps to keep a theme throughout the collage while creating different textures and images. 

My last two editions before I started going crazy with the swatches was a compromise between the boyfriend and I. His dad made him a small drawing of the comic book character: Galactus. For those that don’t know, he eats planets. Awesome, right?! Anyway, his dad made it in a few minutes with just a sharpie and it came out amazing. 

The boyfriend also found a super cheap canvas of the very poplar UK WWII saying: “Keep Calm and Carry On”. 

Next I bought a few new frames, cut up some paper and hung up the frames without trying to over think where they should be placed on the wall. (Admittedly, this meant I rearranged and added a few more holes into the wall).

Now for the before and after. Prepare yourself. It is quite the difference.

Without being completely finished (color still needs to be added) the room has been completely transformed. Add a cute throw or complementing comforter on the end of the bed to tie the room together and you have a whole new room. 

The unfiltered, almost finished result. Super simple, cheap and yet adds so much charm. Truthfully, if there was some color on the walls (if you are someone who can paint your room) this would be completely finished with so much appeal. 

However, if you are like me and sadly cannot paint, stay tuned for my next post. I will be showing how I added some color to the walls/room.

By icanhazcrafts

2 comments on “Revamping the Boring Bedroom

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