Adding Color to the Bedroom – Revamp Part II

My color inspiration came from Apartment Therapy. A super white background (just like my apartment) with vibrant splashes of color. At the time of seeing this, the idea of adding electric colors to decor was foreign to me– and yet– I loved it. More recently, highlighter 80’s colors are all over the place. It’s super trendy in fashion right now. I have to admit: I was adverse to it at first, but it has grown on me. I have always been a black and white, super classic look. But who doesn’t love having a little fun with color? It really does brighten things up.

Picture from Apartment Therapy

At first I was definitely going to go with the electric blue. I went to Michael’s and bought a bunch of paint and different colored swatches. I just couldn’t decide on what color I wanted to go with. Ultimately, I decided to get multiple colors. The thought at the time was that if I get bored with one color, I have options to repaint and switch out swatches.

Oh, I suppose I haven’t mentioned the whole idea behind the paint yet. I’ll get to that in the next post. For now, please bear with me.

Having a slight obsession for teal and all jewelery that is turquoise, I decided to go with a Tiffany’s colored teal. Super elegant, not too bright and yet very classy. I thought it would nicely complement the white and black in the photo clutter.

I decided to take pieces of textured teal and add transparent white lace over the top. I used these a few times throughout the collage to give a theme and some color to the black and white.

Here I used these swatches together twice on opposite sides of a three pictured frame. In the center I cut a part of one large fabric swatch with clocks. I used this twice throughout the theme but used different parts of the swatch to create (again a theme) and yet to create diversity. I think the overall feel has a very Alice and Wonderland look to it. It created a bit of playful and lightness to the collage.

Then I added a spiral teal paper over one of the swatches:

Last I added a similar black spiral piece over the textured teal paper. Then I placed it under the octopus to create dimension.

Here is the finished piece before and after.

The overall addition of color in the collage creates texture and dimension in the room. More importantly, the color adds a bit of cheer.

My next post, I will be painting wooden mirrors to create an art piece over the dresser bringing in the same Tiffany’s teal to brighten the room.

By icanhazcrafts

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